Firexpress has developed a pushable cart unit with a 150 litre water tank and an integrated pump driven unit. The dimensions of the frame are designed so that it ergonomically can be used to push the unit, and it has four rotating castor wheels so that is easy to change direction when driving it.

The cart unit is designed to be used in places where the unit easily can be moved around by the user to reach any point in the location where it is placed e.g. a factory, warehouse, workshop or other facility.

The pump driven unit has a self-priming membrane pump that pressurizes the water up to a working pressure of up to 40 bar. The pump is driven by a petrol or diesel engine. The flow of the pump driven unit is 30 litres of micro-drops per minute or 150 litres of aspirated foam per minute at a range of 15 metres for micro-drops and 18 metres for a jet of foam.

The pump driven unit has an integrated foam delivery system, that mixes the foam into the water just before the pump. The foam percentage can be adjusted by the user by inserting an orifice giving the desired foam percentage between 1 and 6%. The water tank is made of powder coated aluminium.

The pump driven unit including the foam tank, and the hose reel is mounted on the top so that it is easy for the user to operate.

A 12 volt battery is mounted to facilitate the electric starter of the engine and the foam delivery system.

A suction system for suction of water from external water sources such as rivers, lakes, the sea, swimming pools or other water sources can be installed. The system can be used simultaneous with using the fire fighting system or to fill the water tank. The suction rate is 38 litres per minute.


A cart unit in a warehouse storing flammable goods in Samut Prakarn, Thailand.