Overview of the Firexpress System

Firexpress has a wide range of systems that will satisfy any need for fire fighting equipment. Some systems are designed to be fitted into regular fire engines and other types of normal vehicles giving almost unlimited fire fighting capacity. Others are designed for stationary or mobile use inside buildings or vessels while others are integrated into special vehicles designed to navigate any terrain or urban environment. Finally there are systems the firefighter carries on his back.

The Firexpress systems can be divided into two groups depending on the method to pressurize the water that is supplied to the lance.

Pump Driven Units

The pump driven units have a self-priming membrane pump that pressurizes the water up to a working pressure of up to 40 bar. The pump is driven by a petrol or diesel engine, a 220 or 380 volt electric motor or a hydraulic pump. The flow of the pump driven units is 30 litres per minute.

The membrane pump has several advantages over piston pumps and plunger pumps. A membrane pump primes itself, meaning it is able to compress air to fill itself with fluid to achieve full operating pressure. This enables switching between suction from a connected water tank to external suction, where air in the suction hose will enter the pump. The force of the pump is powerful enough to create sufficient vacuum for suction of water located even 5 metres below the pump.

Water with foreign particles, e.g. water from a lake or a river, has no negative impact on a membrane pump, while it will damage the piston in a piston pump and the plunger in a plunger pump.

A membrane pump will not be damaged if it runs for a while without water, e.g. in case the water tank is emptied. Piston pumps and plunger pumps will become hot and risk being damaged.

The pump driven units have an integrated foam delivery system, that mixes the foam into the water just before the pump. The foam percentage can be adjusted by the user.

Besides sucking water from a water tank, the system can also be used to suck water from external sources such as rivers, lakes, swimming pools or the sea to either fill the water tank or to continue spraying.

The pump driven units need to have a supply of 12 volt electricity. If it is installed in a vehicle, the 12 volt electric system of the vehicle is used. For other applications a separate battery is needed.

Pump Driven Units

Tank Units with PDU

All-Terrain Vehicles

Compressed Air Driven Units

The compressed air driven units have one or two tanks for premixed water and foam. Air is delivered from an air tank with a pressure up to 300 bar and is reduced to 20 bar before entering the water tanks. The air is only used to push out the water. No air will be discharged as long as there is water in the water tanks.

The designs allow for high water volume to weight ratios and the units are noise and pollution free.

Operating the units is very uncomplicated due to their simplicity. Also very little maintenance is needed.

CAFS Firefighting Motorcycle

CAFS Mobile Units

CAFS Trolley Units

CAFS Firefighting Backpack

Customized Solutions

Beside the standard systems, Firexpress has developed a number of customized solutions to end-users, who has had special requirements. Both pump driven units with or without built-in water tanks and compressed air driven units can be customized, and built into a vehicle that satisfies the customer's needs.

A Three-Wheeler

500L Tank unit on a trailer