Firexpress uses the latest micro-drop technology

At Firexpress we produce what we believe to be the best first response fire fighting equipment in the world. Back in 1998, Firexpress became the pioneer of converting the standard water must sprinkling system traditionally installed in buildings into a mobile system, utilising the advantage of extinguishing fires with micro-drops

The Firexpress lance has a patented dual nozzle that is able to produce both a cloud of water micro-drops with a spray range of up to 15 metres and a jet of water and foam solution with a spray range of up to 18 metres. This means that it is effective on all fires where water is applicable. The lance has several features that makes life safer and fire fighting easier and faster.

The Firexpress Lance

Since the start Firexpress has developed into a global company with distributors all over the world and production facilities in Denmark and Asia. We have in our product portefolio a range of systems able to satisfy any need for mobile and stationary fire fighting equipment. We are constantly improving these systems and developing new ones whenever a customer has a special requirement.

Distributors world wide