Customized Firexpress Solutions

Firexpress has supplied many end-users with a wide range of customized solutions. Both the pump driven units and the compressed air driven units are modular and be configured to fit any need for fire fighting equipment installed under special conditions whether it is fixed installation or mounting on a vehicle, e.g. a purpose-built vehicle.

The water tank for a pump driven unit can be made to any size and with any dimensions. The pump driven unit does not need to be immediately adjacent to the water tank as it is powerful enough to suck water over a distance of 25 metres. The ability to suck water from external water sources also makes the pump driven unit very versatile and flexible.

The water tank for a compressed air driven unit can be made in many sizes and it is possible to serial connect several water tanks to increase the total volume beyond the 50 litre of the water tank used for the mobile unit.